Sunday, March 29, 2015

RC helicopters seem to take off with lady in tow

This may be the strongest RC helicopter on earth. HeliGraphix
we now have seen quite a number of ordinary makes use of for drones during the past yr, including every little thing from pizza drops to Amazon deliveries. however what if you may convey an entire grownup? It might now not be that a good deal of a stretch if a video displaying two RC helicopters lifting a lady off the ground is real.
German community HeliGraphix specializes in the use of RC helicopters for filming and stunts. The neighborhood's HULC (Heavy extremely-Lifter Crane) mission took two Gaui X7 helicopters and upgraded the gadget to address more weight, adequate to carry a person. woman Gaga required a massive flying contraption to achieve the identical impact the two especially small copters currently pulled off.
in keeping with HeliGraphix, the entire payload, including the load of the helicopters, cameras, mounts, and the woman herself, totaled 124 pounds. There turned into some debate about whether or not to make the effort with the heavy go-go boots as a part of the costume, however the boots received out. It did not seem to put a damper on the choppers' lifting prowess.
HeliGraphix spent 4 months and essentially $14,000 on constructing the mission. there is a change-off to feeding that a lot vigor via an RC helicopter. The batteries are drained after just forty seconds of flight. That potential we won't be seeing Amazon drafting these for furniture beginning anytime soon.

The video facts will seemingly outcomes in a lot of people asserting, "that is fake!" despite the fact, RC specialist sites and Gaui, the maker of the helicopters, are not questioning the feat, and HeliGraphix insists or not it's actual. The community has painstakingly documented the upgrades, including to the believability of the stunt.

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